Top 10 Best AI Text to Human Converter:

AI Text to Human Converter

Did you know that approximately 70% of the audience trusts content generated by humans? Interesting, isn’t it? While AI-generated material is efficient, it might not connect with the audience because it lacks the touch and emotional connection.

You have finished your blog or article but there’s a slight problem. The AI detection tools can easily identify your content as AI-generated, which can be frustrating. Humanizing your AI-generated content is better for establishing an authentic relationship and trust with your audience.

You would require the assistance of a trustworthy AI text-to-human converter for your content. In this blog, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Best AI Text to Human Converters.

List of Top 10 AI Text to Human Converters:

After researching every tool available on the market. The best AI Humanizers that have an advantage over the others and provide you with a user-friendly interface, are Multilingual and highly efficient are listed as following:

  1. Undetectable AI
  2. Humanize AI Text
  3. AiHumanizer
  4. Hix Bypass
  5. Humbot
  6. BypassGPT
  7. CudekAI
  8. AI Undetect
  9. BypassAI
  10. StealthWriter

Undetectable AI:

One of the best tools available on the market. It not only helps you convert your AI text to human-like text but also aims for a 100% conversion rate. With its efficiency and effectiveness, Undetectable AI offers multiple features to enhance your content, such as adding emotions and expressions to make it appear natural. It ensures that your content remains undetected by AI Detectors while maintaining its quality.
While it is a free tool. But to access more features, you do have to purchase a monthly subscription for $15 depending upon the words. More words equals more cost.
Undetectable AI is packed with multiple advantages such as

  1. Uses advanced strategies to bypass AI detections.
  2. Optimizes the text and provides suggestions to improve it
  3. Removes your AI tools such as ChatGPT Watermarks.
  4. Fast and efficient, saving your time by rapid processing
  5. Has multi-language support which helps content creation in multiple languages

Humanize AI Text:

On the second number, we have the most powerful tools that are used for AI text Conversion.  It offers effective features to optimize the text, enhance readability, and style it, providing the best user experience for text conversion.
One of the major key points of this tool is that it is one hundred percent(100%) FREE. Making it users’ number one choice.


  1. You can perform style adjustments.
  2. It provides high-quality results for your text
  3. By using AI technology, it makes the process of content creation highly effective and efficient
  4. Results are 100% human-like and output with no errors.
  5. It provides Multilingual support, it helps your content no matter the language


Another very useful and smart tool for you which helps you to convert your AI text to human text and make it look like a person wrote it. While being the fastest AI humanizer on the market. It’s mostly used by businesses and writers who want their content to feel authentic.

It is free for use but demands money for more words.
      1.  Basic (10K Words) – $9.99 per month
      2.  Pro (50K Words) – $19.99 per month
      3.  Unlimited (Unlimited Words) – $29.99 per month


  1. Known for its search engine friendliness
  2. It offers 100% plagiarism-humanization
  3. It offers 3 different bypass modes that you can use according to your needs.
  4. Fast and efficient, saving your time by rapid processing
  5. Has multi-language support which helps content creation in multiple languages

Hix Bypass:

What makes Hix Bypass different from others? It provides you with 4 different AI bypass modes; Fast, Balanced, Aggressive, and Latest. Powered by state-of-the-art text humanization technology, It bypasses almost every big AI Detector such as GPTZero, ZeroGPT, Crooplag, and more.
With its subscription plans and the range of features it offers, Hix Bypass provides the best features for the best price.

      1.  Hix Bypass Basic (5K Words) – $9.99 per month
      2.  Hix Bypass Pro (50K Words) – $14.99 per month

      3.  Hix Bypass Unlimited (Unlimited Words) – $44.99 per month


  1. Has the ability to bypass almost all AI Detectors such as GPTZero, Winston AI, and more.
  2. 50+ Languages supported making it one of the best tools for use.
  3. It removes all ChatGPT watermarks with ease.
  4. Its features include No Distortion Humanization and error-free outputs.
  5. Has Built-in AI detectors which you can use to check your text.


Looking for something that provides you results quickly? Humbot is a go-to tool for writers who have a short available time. This allows them to convert their article, blog, or any content within a matter of seconds. Humbot provides results more efficiently than any tool on the site, producing about 99.99% plagiarism-free content and more.
Like others, Humbot also offers 3 different subscription plans.

  1. Basic  (3k Words) – $7.99 per month
  2. Pro (30k Words) – $9.99 per month
  3. Unlimited (Unlimited Words) – $39.99 per month


  1. It provides security and protection to your personal data and content.
  2. Expect totally undetectable outputs.
  3. Providing results with no grammatical mistakes.
  4. One of its major advantages is, providing fast rewriting speed.
  5. Ability to provide 100% plagiarism-free outputs and human-like content


Looking for a converter that has adopted the use of advanced technologies? This is one of the best options for you. This tool has the potential to make your content SEO-friendly! It produces high-quality and satisfactory results and is very easy to use.
BypassGPT subscription plans are considerably higher than average rates but results are satisfactory.

  1. Basic  (5k Words) – $12 per month
  2. Pro (30k Words) – $19 per month
  3. Unlimited (Unlimited Words) – $49 per month


  1. It features undetectable rewriting.
  2. It provides error-free, undistorted outputs for your content
  3. It works best with AI text-generating tools such as Turnitin, ZeroGPT, and more.
  4. It will remove ChatGPT Watermarks from your article, blog, or any content.

5. Its features include 100% human-score content and Plagiarism-free rewrites.


CudekAI is one of the most used AI text-to-human converters. This tool is an excellent choice for content writers for its flexibility, and efficiency, especially its achievements in converting AI text to Human is undoubtful. It transforms your machine-generated text into natural prose.
Where its free version is limited to only 1000 words, You can buy its services for more features.
      1.  Basic (2K Words) – $3.50 per month
      2.  Pro (8K Words) – $7.50 per month

      3.  Custom (15K Words) – $18.75 per month

  1. Provides you with a user-friendly interface
  2. This tool gives you free access to all tools available.
  3. Plagiarism and Paraphrasing tools are free of cost with satisfactory results
  4. Helps multilingual writers which allows you to humanize their content without worrying about the language.

AI Undetect:

Looking for a tool that is best for SEO? This is the right place. It mainly focuses on humanizing your text. It stands as one of the best AI-to-human text converters. Its user-friendly interface makes your reports indistinguishable from supervisors and successfully bypasses AI detections.

      1.  Basic Plan (15K Words) – $12 per month
      2.  Standard Plan (40K Words) – $24 per month

      3.  Pro Plan (Unlimited Words) – $48 per month

  1. Another major advantage it holds is providing a simple and easy user interface.
  2. Uses advanced anti-detection algorithms
  3. Offers 7×24 hours of customer service support
  4. It is undetectable by almost all AI detectors available on the internet.


One of the most well-designed converters on the market for transforming AI-generated text into human-like prose, this tool offers a wide array of features and functions. It boasts rapid processing capabilities and can bypass all AI detectors, ensuring plagiarism-free content that consistently achieves a perfect human score and maintains your audience’s trust.

      1.  Basic (3K Words) – $6.99 per month
      2.  Standard (30K Words) – $9.99 per month

      3.  Pro (Unlimited Words) – $29.99 per month

  1. It offers various features such as error-free, undistorted outputs.
  2. This tool confirms a whopping 100% human score.
  3. Its most useful features includes its ability for fast processing.
  4. It can bypass all AI Detectors and even offer privacy protection.
  5. It confirms a 100% human score content.


Did you know StealthWriter can create multiple humanized variations of the same content? This unique feature, combined with its ability to bypass AI detection tools like ZeroGPT, sets it apart. Additionally, it offers real-time customization of human-like content.

      1.  Basic (20K Words) – $20 per month
      2.  Standard (50K Words) – $35 per month

      3.  Pro (100k Words) – $50 per month

  1. It avoids adding weird or random words that sometimes appear while using other humanizer tools.
  2. Like our other best tools, It also has a built-in AI detector.
  3. It features 2 AI bypass modes; Ninja and Ghost.
  4. It is available every time, and shutdowns or technical issues are rarely seen making it one of the most efficient AI text to human text converters.


Q1. What is the best AI tool to humanize text?

The best AI tool to humanize text can vary based on multiple factors. Every detector has its own key point in which it excels, but the best AI tools for humanizing text are Undetectable AI, Hix Bypass, and Humanize AI Text, which are perfect in flexibility, readability, and bypassing AI detections.

Q2. How do I convert AI text to human text?

Most of the AI text-to-human converters are user-friendly and easily adaptable. The following steps state how to convert AI text to human text:

Step 1: Go to the AI Text to Human Converter tool

Step 2: Copy and Paste your AI-generated text in the input area provided.

Step 3: Select the Mode if any is available.

Step 4: Click the Humanize Button

After following these steps, you can make any necessary changes if you want.

Q3. Are there free versions of AI text-to-human converters?

Yes, there are many AI text-to-human converters available for free. Humanize AI Text is one of the best tools that provide free conversions without any fees. Most of the converters mentioned in our blog perform conversions for free, but to access the ability to humanize more words at once, you have to purchase their subscription plans.


We have discussed the top 10 Best AI Text to Human Converters, allowing you to easily choose the best AI Text Humanizer. We have explored their advantages and subscription plans. It is crucial to convert AI text to human because if you don’t? You won’t be able to maintain your reputation or build trust with your audience. These humanizers are cost-effective, efficient, and bypass all AI detectors. The best part is that they are not complex; you just have to put your text in the inbox provided and click “Humanize.”

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